In automotive, railway and public transport, electronics plays an important role; in both rolling stock and infrastructure. Mechanical functions are gradually replaced by command and control software solutions, which are managed by decentralized computers.

In addition to this underlying change, there is a need for integration of new means of wired and wireless communication, to make transportation networks connected.

Electronic systems are therefore increasingly complex and innovative, while strictly complying with tight industrial constraints (safety, EMC, long-term reliability, cost, reduced maintenance time...).

Some project references:

ELSYS Design engineers support customers located at several levels of the value chain – system designers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Data communication system (train-ground) / UNIVIC Platform
  • LEU hardware
  • Driver control panel HMI
  • Bus weathervanes display management system
  • Design of powerline communication (PLC) boards enabling high-speed data transmissions inside trains using a power cable
  • Redesign of SIL rail calculators
  • Redesign of Valim module
  • Design of powerline communication (PLC) FPGA and boards enaling high-speed transmissions in cars using a power cable

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