Race to the moon, solar system exploration, astronauts that became heroes: aerospace is synonym of dream. But beyond the glamor, the control of space ensures the security and defense of a territory, provides services to citizens (telecommunications, GPS ...) contributes to a better understanding of environmental phenomena (climate change, deforestation ...) and develops scientific knowledge (origins of the universe, fundamental physics...).

ELSYS Design engineers support the main players of space industry in the design of their electronic systems. Technological hearts of the equipments, these electonic systems are subject to extremely strict design rules to minimize the risk of malfunction. Beyond expertise, the search for excellence is therefore the only way to go.

Some project references:


  • Flight software – development, validation and test of software control platform
  • AOCS attitude control – studies of control laws, simulation and stimulation of the different equipment (sensors and actuators)
  • Functional validation chain – dynamic and functional studies of various satellite equipment (real or simulated)

Energy Management:

  • Study of a power system – day / eclipse power switching mode between solar panels and batteries, load management / discharge

50Vdc or 100Vdc monitored power bus:

  • Modular technology – adapting the power requirements of the payload thanks to the parallelization of power modules. Power output up to 20kW

Power module:

  • Excellent performance (typically 96%)
  • Space standards qualified components, hardened MOSFETs (Radiation Hardened)

Test benches:

  • Avionics test bench – simulation of a complete satellite and of its environment
  • Power test benches – solar panels simulator (20A/50V current generators and 20A/100V (Si and AsGa)), battery simulator

Assembly, Integration & Testing:

  • RF measurements – validation and Rx / Tx tests
  • Batteries – load / discharge simulation (NiH2, NiCad, LiIon)
  • Generic control centre – simulation of control / command

Control Centre:

  • Core business tools development and Open SCC new generation HMI – expertise on the overall architecture of the product

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