The multimedia industry has gone through many changes over the last decade. Among them, the:

  • Diversification of the transmitted information – from "simple" data to new audio and video content
  • Evolution in the transmission means – new access technologies (ADSL, fiber, 3G, 4G ...) and home network technologies (Wi-Fi, Powerline, Ethernet ...)
  • Multiplication of communication protocols, with increasingly tight QoS (Quality of Service) constraints
  • Creation of additional protocols to ensure seamless interoperability between networked devices (DLNA, UPnP ...)
  • Complexity of audio and video compression, as well as DRM (Digital Right Management) systems

New technical constraints appear regularly and must be integrated into shortening product development cycles.

ELSYS Design engineers help their customers to meet these challenges ; they are involved in the design and development of electronic systems integrated inside the products.

Some project references:

  • Implementation of audio and video watermarking algorithms
  • Software development of iPad & iPhone Objective C based video conference systems
  • H.264 codec implementation and optimization over a DSP
  • Flash based development of a user interface for a digital TV decoder
  • Multimedia IP streaming (FEC encoding / decoding, FPGA design)
  • Video surveillance inside trains (embedded Linux software development, CPU Atom, PowerPC)
  • HD video acquisition unit (board & FPGA design, embedded Linux & V4L2, HMI)

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