Over the last years, energy consumption has constantly increased. However, an escalation in energy production is now excluded, as economic and sustainability imperatives must be taken into account. Improving the efficiency of energy consumption is therefore the pace that needs to be strongly investigated.

Many states now promote “Green” policies. The European Union is leading the move, with ambitious targets for 2020:

  • Reducing greenhouse gases by 20%,
  • Meeting 20% of energy needs from renewable sources,
  • Saving 20% of energy consumption through increased energy efficiency.

Technological innovation opens up new opportunities, particularly in the field of smart grid. ELSYS Design engineers currently take on many challenges inside the energy industry; they are eager to help their customers to solve new ones.

Some project references:

Nuclear energy:

  • Design of a digital acquisition board based on a FPGA
  • Design of full power racks with low noise and multi output voltages
  • Design of Labview based test benches


  • Design of ASICs for detection of self-powered induction current / voltage
  • Digital board design with 32bits core (STM32) managing the lighting/heating/air conditioning/power distribution functions economically
  • Design of magnetic sensors embedding pretreatment with CAN interface
  • Development of a low level application software for a RF remote controller (TÜV UL conformity)
  • Software development of a network simulator dedicated to the railway industry
  • Firmware design for modular and expandable industrial robots (STM32)
  • Development of a web portal (CMS windows) presenting business/jobs/technologies
  • Development of a java HMI for remote management and configuration of industrial equipment
  • Development of C / C ++ / Real Time embedded software with coldfire core.

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