National defence is a key sector of the economy ; in France this sector employs over 300 000 people (including indirect jobs), for a total turnover of 15 billion Euros. Source: DGA..

Within this sector, R & D and technological innovation are essential, especially to create ever more efficient electronic systems. These electronic systems can be found in conventional and deterrent weapons, in intelligence systems, in surveillance systems, in reconnaissance systems and finally in space programs.

A critical and severe environment, life equipment (30 years) and the high availability rate are the main technical specificities to consider. One must also keep in mind the need to reduce the overall cost of ownership for the armies.

ELSYS Design has extensive experience in the design of electronic systems for the defence sector. Its engineers, duly certified and authorized, are able to work in:

Hardware design:

  • Architecture of calculators
  • Analog, power electronics
  • Processor boards, digital
  • FPGA design
  • ASIC design

Software design:

  • Real-time system
  • Embedded Software
  • Image processing
  • Digital signal processing
  • Application software
  • Telecom software
  • Networks

ELSYS Design’s offer, flexible and comprehensive, combines consulting, work packages and dedicated development centers.

Some project references:

Combat aircraft:

  • OSF (Infrared)
  • Gyroscope
  • MSAA
  • Calculators
  • Inertial platform
  • Alignment to the sea
  • Seeker

Infantryman with integrated equipment and communications (FELIN):

  • Rangefinder camera (software)
  • Sights (Software / FPGA / Maps)
  • Binoculars IR (Application Software, FPGA, image processing)
  • Interfaces (Software, electronic boards)

Inertial navigation and guidance:

  • Combat aircraft
  • Transport aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Strategic & tactical missiles
  • Surface ships and submarines
  • Land vehicles

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