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To cope with the steady growth of air traffic (a yearly average growth of +5%), airlines plan to acquire 25 000 civil aircrafts of more than 100 seats by 2020; it means that the global air fleet will double.

This growth takes place in a context of strong rationalization of costs. For system designers, suppliers and manufacturers, it implies to think about new architectures and technological solutions enabling to reduce aircraft weight, to increase their autonomy, all the while reducing downtime required for maintenance.

Electronic systems are at the heart of these discussions, including all aspects related to automation and simulation procedures for piloting and navigation. All the technical projects must be done in strict compliance with avionics norms and regulations to ensure a minimal level of risk.

Numerous ELSYS Design engineers master DO-178 norm (critical software) and DO-254 (hardware). They are involved in the:

  • Design of embedded electronic systems – intelligent sensors and actuators, calculators located close to the plane’s heart components, communication networks
  • Development of embedded software – smart sensors, processing software, simulation software, communication networks
  • Development of application software – flight simulators, operational display system toolbox, processing simulation software

Some Project References:

ELSYS Design engineers have designed:

  • Flight calculators
  • Audio calculators
  • Landing gear monitoring systems
  • Electrical defrosters
  • Electric brake actuators
  • Fuel gauges
  • Altimeters
  • Circuit breakers calculators
  • HMI for cockpit

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