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Imagine and Design Tomorrow's Electronic Systems

Since a few decades, there is a multiplication of intelligent systems in every area of industry and daily life. Therefore, electronic systems market is experiencing a sharp growth.

The increasing complexity of applications leads to the joint development of hardware and software. In this field, ELSYS Design has a wide range of skills, for all parts of system design – system on chip, integrated circuits, processors, electronic boards, radiocommunication, signal processing, embedded software, communication protocols, HMI, ... This expertise enables ELSYS Design to provide its customers with solutions that suit their needs.

Technology is constantly evolving; the need for additional and brighter electronics systems in any kind of applications is a clear tendency. This is fostered by:

  • The miniaturization of components
  • The growing integration of systems
  • The decrease of technologies' cost
  • The increase in computing power
  • The generalization of co-development
  • The evolution of real-time OS
  • The standardization of OS and of communication protocols
  • The development of broadband infrastructure
  • The growth of mobile devices usage

ELSYS Design mission is to imagine and design tomorrow’s electronic systems. Therefore, the company strategy lies in technical innovation as well as in mastery of the newest technologies.
As a result, year after year, ELSYS Design strengthens its position on this high-tech market and constantly increases its added value.

We hope you enjoy your visit on our website.