Since its inception, ELSYS Design has defined R&D as one of its key strategic axes. In 2002, it was awarded with the “Innovative Award” given by the French public body ANVAR; it also belongs to the “Bpifrance Excellence” network.

Alongside its consulting and engineering activities, ELSYS Design has given birth to several companies that belong to the worldwide leaders of their respective industries: SPiDCOM Technologies, a designer of PLC (Powerline Communication) integrated circuits and Trango VP, specializing in the virtualization of operating systems.
New projects are on a study phase and will soon generate more human, technological and industrial adventures.

SPiDCOM Technologies - Powerline Communication

SPiDCOM Technologies, a spin-off of ELSYS Design, is a company specializing in PLC (Powerline Communication). Daily used by millions of Internet “box” users in France, this technology enables to connect various electronic devices through the home electrical network.

From 2002 to 2011, SPiDCOM Technologies engineers have designed 5 high-speed PLC ASICs, as well as the associated reference designs and embedded software.

At the end of 2011, SPiDCOM Technologies left ADVANS GROUP to become part of one of the worldwide leaders in wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions. This company ranks among the five biggest fabless semiconductor companies.

Trango VP - Virtualization

Since its inception in January 2004, TRANGO Virtual Processors has created and developed the most efficient virtualization technology for embedded systems available on the market. Called hypervisor, this technology enables to have multiple operating systems running at the same time and fully securely on a single processor core.

This is of great interest, especially in the telecom industry. For example, manufacturers of smart phones can use a complete operating system and the associated software suite on different phones, without compatibility issues.

At the end of 2008, TRANGO VP joined the worldwide leader in virtualization solutions for servers and infrastructure. Their expertise, coupled with the one of TRANGO VP, allowed them to create and expand a leading offer on the mobile phone market.

Enriched TV Services and Internet of Things

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